Dorado LED N70 Tail Light
Dorado LED N70 Tail Light
Dorado LED N70 Tail Light

Dorado LED N70 Tail Light

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983-001B N70 LED 24V 1.4W
983-003B N70LED 12V 1.4W
Part Number
500 g
The DORADO LED N70 Taillight is designed for continuos heavy duty applications on heavy duty machines where incandescent taillights will fail due to high vibration and shock.

The DORADO LED N70 features Tail, Stop and Indicator light – all ECE approved. It is specifically designed for equipment with little space and is incorporated in the construction of the machine.


NORDIC LIGHTS® Dorado N70 is a versatile tail light, combining tail, stop, and indicator lights all in one unit. The Dorado N70 can be mounted on most vehicles, and mounting is a snap since this is a telltale compatible light, just plug & play. The Dorado N70 is durable against both vibration and shock.

Key Features

  • All-in-one
  • Tell-tale compatible
  • Plug & Play

Light is supplied with the mating plug.











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