N520 Pedestal Mount
N520 Pedestal Mount
N520 Pedestal Mount

N520 Pedestal Mount

(Exc. 20% VAT)
(£78.00 Inc. VAT)
952-001 N520 24V RIGHT/UK
952-002 N520 24V LEFT/UK
952-033 N520 12V RIGHT/ UK
952-034 N520 12V LEFT/ UK
952-013 N520 24V RIGHT/ EU
952-014 N520 24V LEFT/EU
952-011 N520 12V RIGHT/EU
952-012 N520 12V LEFT/EU
1.50 kg

The Nordic N520 integrates headlight, indicator and park light in one assembly. The light is very useful in agricultural, construction as well as truck and trailer applications. The N520 features a pedestral mount.

This heavy duty light is made from a combination of hardened glass and polycarbonate. The N520 Headlight, also available as USA road approved versions, is the ideal solution for a headlamp/indicator requirement. Available with LED indicator.