Cleanload Nexus 100
Cleanload Nexus 100

Cleanload Nexus 100

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Cleanload Nexus is a Closed Transfer Coupler designed for use with easyconnect caps. Easyconnect caps will be fitted by all of the main agrochemical companies in Europe, starting from the 2022 season.

Using a Closed Transfer system significantly reduces operator exposure and environmental risks from splashing or spilling chemical during loading.


When used with a container fitted with an easyconnect cap Cleanload Nexus creates a Closed Transfer System (CTS) that makes filling the sprayer faster, safer and easier than using an induction bowl. Easyconnect caps are becoming the standard agrochemical closure in Europe. The industry website explains more and how and why they are being introduced.


FASTER :The fastest way to load your sprayer. There is no need to unscrew caps, emptying starts immediately without glugging and typically empties at a rate of about 1 litre per second. 2 powerful rinse jets for cleaning.

EFFECTIVE:Using Cleanload Nexus with easyconnect caps means no splashing or chemical around the container thread when pouring and measuring and no risk of spillage. All without compromising the speed that the tank can be loaded with chemical.

SIMPLER: Cleanload Nexus connects to the same suction and rinse sources as the induction bowl . There are just 2 straightforward manual controls; a rotating handle that locks the container and controls emptying and a rinse lever.

SAFER: Cleanload Nexus and easyconnect caps will protect those who work with pesticides and the environment. This will help to mitigate both the negative perception and potential additional restrictions on the use of agrochemical



As well as your Cleanload Nexus, you will find a mounting point and bracket to secure Cleanload Nexus onto the sprayer, or to a wall or work bench, A 4 metre suction hose and a 2.5 metre rinse water hose along with suitable hose tails and clamps. Depending on the particular requirements of your installation, you will also need to ask your sprayer parts supplier for suitable tee fittings, valves, check valves, dry-break couplers and a bracket or a stand.



The plumbing layout from the installation manual is shown here.


The hose can be used for measuring < 1 litre from a bottle and it must be possible to lift it when measuring and lower it to drain, but avoid bends that could trap chemical residue. Note: that there is no valve between the Cleanload Nexus and the venturi, this is to prevent the risk of rinse being operated when suction of closed.

For a successful install, always follow the instructions and safety information given in the Installation and Operating Manual and consider consulting with your sprayer manufacturer or service agent before beginning work.