Defy 3D Nozzle
Defy 3D Nozzle
Defy 3D Nozzle

Defy 3D Nozzle

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3D100-02 Defy 3D Nozzle Yellow
3D100-025 Defy 3D Nozzle Lilac
3D100-03 Defy 3D Nozzle Blue
3D100-035 Defy 3D Nozzle Brown/Red
3D100-04 Defy 3D Nozzle Red
3D100-05 Defy 3D Nozzle Brown
3D100-06 Defy 3D Nozzle Grey
3D100-08 Defy 3D Nozzle White
3D100-02NCS Defy 3D Nozzle Yellow
FC-3D100-025 Defy 3D Nozzle, Cap & Seal Lilac
FC-3D100-03 Defy 3D Nozzle, Cap & Seal Blue
FC-3D100-035 Defy 3D Nozzle, Cap & Seal Brown/Red
FC-3D100-04 Defy 3D Nozzle, Cap & Seal Red
FC-3D100-05 Defy 3D Nozzle, Cap & Seal Brown
FC-3D100-06 Defy 3D Nozzle, Cap & Seal Grey
FC-3D100-08 Defy 3D Nozzle, Cap & Seal White
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3D Defy Nozzle

The new 3D Defy nozzle is an advanced new spray nozzle.

  • Specifically engineered to effectively deliver pre-emergence herbicides to autumn and spring seedbeds
  • Angled nozzle, designed to run alternating forwards and backwards along the boom to give an even coverage on the front and back of targets
  • Tailored drop spectrum to give maximum efficacy for grassweed control 60-75% less drift (size dependent) compared to a conventional flat fan nozzle giving a greater number of spray days
  • Optimised for a boom height of between 50 cm and 75 cm above target
  • Suitable for pre and post-em grassweed herbicides as well as spraying canopies taller targets where the best spray coverage is sought.
  • Works most effectively at speeds between 12kph-14kph
  • Spray pre-em at 100 l/ha, no need for more water to gain coverage
  • Use at 2-3 bar pressure for optimum spray coverage
  • Use at 0.7 bar for maximum drift reduction in buffer zones
  • Size 03, 035, 04 and 05 are available


  • Mixed spray quality with elimination of finest droplets
    • Best for spray coverage, even at 100 l/ha
  • Holds spray pattern down to 0.7 bar
    •  60-75% drift reduction, LERAP 2* or 3* drift rated at 0.7 bar, depending on size
  • Spray angle and incline optimize evenness of coverage along the boom at 50-75 cm boom height


Proven to be the BEST nozzle for pre-em and post em on grass weeds

  • More spray days and better timeliness of spraying