Accupulse Twin Spray Tip APTJ

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APTJ-110015VP Accupulse Nozzle 015 Green
APTJ-110002VP Accupulse Nozzle 02 Yellow
APTJ-1100025VP Accupulse Nozzle 025 Lilac
APTJ-11003VP Accupulse Nozzle 03 Blue
APTJ-110004VP Accupulse Nozzle 04 Red
APTJ-110005VP Accupulse Nozzle 05 Brown
APTJ-110006VP Accupulse Nozzle 06 Grey
APTJ-110008VP Accupulse Nozzle 08 White
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The first spray tip designed specifically for use with PWM sprayer controls, offering maximum drift control. The AccuPulse uses a patent-pending recirculating design, that allows this tip to produce highly drift resistant, XC and UC droplets without the use of air induction. This spray tip was designed specifically for use on sprayers equipped with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) sprayer controls. The compact size and choice of numerous capacities will suit the needs of a wide range of application rates and sprayers. The droplet size spectrum and twin spray pattern of AccuPulse make it ideal for a variety of pre- and post-applications of systemic herbicides including glyphosate and dicamba. Unleash the power and precision of AccuPulse in your operation today!

  • Non-air inducted, twin spray tip that produces highly drift-resistant droplets (XC, UC)
  • Patent-pending recirculating flow design results in excellent spray distribution quality and large droplets
  • Specifically designed for use on sprayers equipped with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) spray tip control
  • Optimal for burndown, pre-emerge, and post-emerge systemic applications
  • Twin spray pattern allows for improved coverage and canopy penetration
  • Extremely compact design fits into tight boom spaces and is less likely to be damaged during field use
  • Acetal construction for long wear life and excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide operating pressure and multiple capacities to choose from, supports a wide range of ground speeds and application volumes
  • Can also be used for non-PWM applications, where maximum drift control is desired
  • Fits into standard flat spray cap - CP114440A-*-CE