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Teejet Technologies

Precision Farming Products

Precision Farming Products

We sell  the Teejet range of Precision Farming Products including CenterLine, Matrix Pro 570GS and Matrix Pro 840GS.

There are many kits available to suit your machine, therefore, if you need further information and help regarding the available systems and installations then please contact us.

Our contact details are:

Telephone: 01636 650778

email: info@retrofitparts.co.uk


For any further information on the TeeJet Precision Farming range please visit their website www.teejet.com/english/home/products/precision-farming-products.aspx

TeeJet Sprayer Nozzles

TeeJet Sprayer Nozzles

We are gradually loading the TeeJet nozzles to our website. If the nozzles you are looking for do not appear, and you have a few spare minutes, please call us on 01636 650778 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively send an email to info@retrofitparts.co.uk and we will answer your enquiry. Thank you